it’s blitz!


What’t uppp, guys?! So. I decided to put together a little outfit for you guys. I absolutely LOVE these shoes, if you cannot tell. They may complete my entire sl. Everyone should have a pair in their inventory. If you haven’t checked out RAW HOUSE, either, you definitely should. They have some really cute hair and some cute shoes. 😛 This cardigan is also hella precious, I found it in Naith Smith Designs for about $200l . While I’m at it. I should let any and all of you know. DUTCH TOUCH IS HAVING A SKIN SALE. So, if you love them as much as Rox and I… you should go buy yourself one for around $250l. FYI. The skin I have on….was not on sale. sadface. all skins aren’t discounted, but the ones that are, are aweeeeesome.

i ❤ you guys & enjoyyyyy.


hair/ ::RAW HOUSE::// Lola [jet]

skin/ Dutch Touch // JoLiE v2// olive // eagle

nails/ onyx wear// “Half-Flick” nails // Group gift ❤

makeup/ Kyoot// Smokey// Aubergine

lashes/ Detour// Thorn

sweater/ [NSD]// Laine Cardigan// White

shirt/ [ATOMIC]// Sheer Comfort// Pitch Black// Worn

jeans/ [ATOMIC]// Skinny Jeans// Ink

facial piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged// Black & Silver

bracelet/ ::PURE::// Jesus Icon// Black

ears/ Stupid Things// Ear Plugs// Black

tattoo/  [ks]// True Love

shoes/ Peqe// G Wedge// Zebra


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