-BC- Skins :Q___


The amazing Byrds Cale has sent me the beautifuuuuuul Ginger Skin.

Skin- -BC- Ginger skin -Tan.
Jeans- -BC- Ripped Jeans-Grey

She did such a phenomenal job on these skins. This photo is completely un-touched, besides multiple roxe’s on one screen.
The body is shaded so well and realistic. I can’t say enough good about these skins, besides that I won’t be taking mine off for awhile, considering I just broke the bank at the skin fair, and those will be taking a back seat to these for awhile.
They are priced extremely well for how expensive they are.
And the cleavage!!! :Q___ so realistic and not overly huge or shiny, she made it perfect! It also comes with 4 tattoo layer hairbases and 3 eyebrow options. LOVE IT

you can snag these goodies @ -BC- Shapes and Skins Mainstore


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