sweet dreams are made of these…


So, I haven’t really been in sl much until the past couple of days. Obviously. Neither has Rox. However.. I did go shopping. Because that’s what I do. As always, Miss Elika Tiramisu has some quite presh hair that she has juuuuust released. [e] always makes my day. Then, I got a little note from the whore house, saying this little, cute, tiiiiny skirt was being released. must have..its sexual. And if you guys like Al Vulo, Hlin Bluebird, who is awesome…just sayin, has this skin out to help raise money for the japan earthquake. You get to help, and you get an absolutely stunning skin. DO IT! Hope you guys are doing faaaabulous.




hair/ [e]// Want// Blonde 02//elikapeka tiramisu

skin/ AL VULO!// Jolie*// Sunkissed// * for Japan// hlin bluebird

makeup/ Kyoot// Feline// Basic Black// saeya nyanda

lashes/ Detour// Thorn// keri clip

eyes/ hermony// R-eyes/ H20// hermanni laville

shirt/ berries, inc.// mel shirt// dark grey// summse sands

skirt/ the whore house// burlesque skirt// white// Blair Loorden

bracelet/ mandala// milky way bangles//polly white// kikunosuke eel

ring/ mandala// milky way rings & nails//polly white// kikunosuke eel

facial piercing/ cobrahive// gauged//black & silver//Chikane Kaligawa

shoes/ Pixel Fashion// Oshun Shoes// Black// Amandine Arai

Poses/ (pda) Lies


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