Miss Roxe “Little Miss Detroit” Brimmah was born in 1980 something and has been roaming the streets of Detroit, Michigan ever since. She’s a hardcore g, and she knows how to throw shit back. people. beer. you name it. She never ceases to have a good time, she even parties when she sleeps. Sometimes that involves waking up with her rockband microphone and/or with sore legs from too much dubstep dancin’ the night before. She enjoys turkey burgers, candlelit dinners, and mooooostaches. Awesome should be her middle name because she rocks everything she does.

Miss EllaGrace “Cowboy Curbstomp” Babenco was born in the 80’s right in the heart of the dirtttty south. She enjoys long walks on the beach and sunsets. riiiight. More like anything obnoxious, and anything that doesn’t make nor require any sense. Cold beer is her favorite, along with cowboy boots and tight ass jeans. Generally speaking, she is the party cart of the dirty. Attracting millions wherever she goes, she is usually the life around these parts. She aint vain, she just knows she’s good. She’s hella fun. and a little classy all rolled up into one. She wakes up with limes in her pocket and salt all over her face.

We both met in this crazy virtual world about 5 years ago. Since then, we have been causing mayhem everywhere, and spending too many damn lindens. We usually make a great team, so this is what we have decided to put some effort into. We really hope you enjoy, because we are having way too much fun with it.

peace, love, & happy shit.


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