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Gold Guns Girls


Its been a while folks, Check out this tune and this look. ♥
Gold Guns Girls-Metric



Necklace 1 and 2- HoD Mercenary (pale crow and Cameron’s Cross)

Makeup- Cheap Makeup– Gutter Liner

Piercing- Cobrahive– Nose Swirl

HAir- Maitreya Nadja(Ebony)

Tattoo- Ink’D Up- Rory

Skin- Belleza Christmas gift- Lily

Lipstick- Pekka Homicidal Lipstick

Pants- [NV] Skinny Jeans Leopard Black

Earrings- Bellballs/Pididdle-fringe cuff-fall flame earrings

Shirt- d.Select sheer wool cashmere sweater

Heels- Slink Glitter Peeptoes black


in the passenger seat, got her hand on the throttle…


So, this long lost  fellow cunt-reeeeee friend of mine showed back up. We looked cute in passing. So, I’m blogging us. ❤ ya cups.


hair/ Exile// Danika// Chardonnay//Kavar Cleanslate

skin/ AL VULO!//Lalli// Nugat// Natural 2// Hlin Bluebird

makeup/ – Damned -// Tribal Makeup

lashes/ Cake// Empire 2// Stumbelina Ophelia

eyes/ hermony// R-eyes/ H20// hermanni laville

shirt/ – paper.doll -// graphic tank// zebra// Zoey Gabardini

bra/ *Action// Womens Lingerie Set// everyday bra// Marilynmonroe Munro

shorts/ – paper.doll -// Rolled denim shorts// indigo wash// Zoey Gabardini

tights/ mstyle// Leopard Tights// Midnight// Mikee Mokeev

glasses/ Shade Throne// The Cool Geek Glasses// Undo Hermano

boots/ Naughty// Calf High Moccasins// Black// Lost Thereian


hair/ [e]// Vivid// Blacks//Elikapeka Tiramisu

skin/ :N:// A urora// 02/01// Holy Meili

shirt/ {S}// T-Shirt Dress// Black//

tights/ *H+K*//( bk+black)dot tights//

piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged (Mouth)// Black/Silver// chikane kaligawa

piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged 04 (Cheek)//  Black/Silver// chikane kaligawa

necklace/ HOD// The Path to Forgiveness// Aydan Darcy

bracelet/ LOULOU & CO// Nostalgia// Black// Lolly Carlberg

tattoo/ HA!// Kanji// Trixi Wuyts

boots/ Naughty// Calf High Moccasins// Black// Lost Thereian

sweet dreams are made of these…


So, I haven’t really been in sl much until the past couple of days. Obviously. Neither has Rox. However.. I did go shopping. Because that’s what I do. As always, Miss Elika Tiramisu has some quite presh hair that she has juuuuust released. [e] always makes my day. Then, I got a little note from the whore house, saying this little, cute, tiiiiny skirt was being released. must have..its sexual. And if you guys like Al Vulo, Hlin Bluebird, who is awesome…just sayin, has this skin out to help raise money for the japan earthquake. You get to help, and you get an absolutely stunning skin. DO IT! Hope you guys are doing faaaabulous. 



hair/ [e]// Want// Blonde 02//elikapeka tiramisu

skin/ AL VULO!// Jolie*// Sunkissed// * for Japan// hlin bluebird

makeup/ Kyoot// Feline// Basic Black// saeya nyanda

lashes/ Detour// Thorn// keri clip

eyes/ hermony// R-eyes/ H20// hermanni laville

shirt/ berries, inc.// mel shirt// dark grey// summse sands

skirt/ the whore house// burlesque skirt// white// Blair Loorden

bracelet/ mandala// milky way bangles//polly white// kikunosuke eel

ring/ mandala// milky way rings & nails//polly white// kikunosuke eel

facial piercing/ cobrahive// gauged//black & silver//Chikane Kaligawa

shoes/ Pixel Fashion// Oshun Shoes// Black// Amandine Arai

Poses/ (pda) Lies

single book of matches…


School has taken over my life, among other things. But I was here just because and I made this cute outfit. I thought I’d share. The blouse is meant to be a dress, but i liked it just like it is. presh. vive 9 and al vulo have really been makin my sl days lately. ❤



hair/ Vive 9// Bruna// Edge

skin/ AL VULO!// Ninni// Bronze// Spring Blossom// * for The Fashion Garret

nails/ Mstyle// Long Nails// Classic// Natural

makeup/ Kyoot// Feline// Basic Black

lashes/ Detour// Thorn

blouse & belt/ Vive 9// Pouff Pardon Dress// Black

jeans/ atomic// Ripped Skinny Jeans// Antique

bracelet/ mandala// takara bangle//buddah brown

boots/ Tiny Bird// Wanderer Boot// Russet

Poses/ Glitterati

don’t stop.


so. i’ve been mia a little. but. i’m workin’ on it.

here’s whats up: I’VE WANTED THIS HAT FOREVER. and i thought this little get up from nyte n’ day was presh. so. have at it. 🙂



hair/ [e]// early // Red 11// special vip group gift

skin/ AL VULO! // no valentine day// group gift :O

nails/ mstyle// perfect hand// long// black

makeup/ Kyoot// Smokey// Auberigne

lashes/ Cake// Empire 2

outfit/ Nyte N’ Day// Versteek// Grey

hat/ Sweetest Goodbye// Get on! Hat// Black

boots/ *GF*// Short Lace Up Boots// Black

facial piercing/ Skream!// Confession

music on the radio…


pretty. pretty. pretty. pretty. pretty. pretty. girrrrrrrl.

hair/ [e]// Mood// Red 08

skin/ AL VULO! // no valentine day// group gift

nails/ mstyle// Long Classic Nails// Natural

makeup/ Kyoot// Smokey// Auberigne

lashes/ Cake// Empire 2

shirt/ Whore House// Slouchy T// White

skirt/ Oyakin// Check Long Skirt// White

necklace/ sey// “Dear”cross+AK47// silver & black chain

bracelet/ Armidi Gisaci// Summer Stacked Bangles// dark wood

facial piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged// Black/Silver



love bites.



for all of you who thinks today sucks.  🙂

thanks to PDIDDLE and AL VULO for making this day a little better with freeee beautiful gifties. ❤


hair/ Vive 9// Freja// Edge

skin/ AL VULO! // no valentine day// group gift

nails/ celestial studios// lulu manicure// deep pink

makeup/ Kyoot// Feline// Basic Black

lashes/ Cake// Empire 2

Lingerie/ PDIDDLE// Satin Lingerie Set// Special VIP color for sucky v-day. <33

necklace/ mustache// grandma’s ol’ pearl necklace// group gift

tattoo/  ink’d up// life is sweet

shoes/ Pig// Knee Sock Mit Suspenders// White

you’ve got the love.



 So. I felt cute today & its all yours.



hair/ MAGIKA//Ren// Blondes

skin/ Novita // A urora// 03/04

makeup/ Addict// Von D Makeup

lashes/ Cake// Empire 2

shirt/ [NSD]// Bonnie Top// Grey

jeans/ [ATOMIC]// Ripped Skinny Jeans// Vintage

facial piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged// Black & Silver

necklace/ n creation// Metallic Candy Necklace

bracelet/ :sey// Silver with texture change

tattoo/  aitui//Swingsets & Cigarettes

shoes/ kookie// Armada Boot// Black

it’s blitz!


What’t uppp, guys?! So. I decided to put together a little outfit for you guys. I absolutely LOVE these shoes, if you cannot tell. They may complete my entire sl. Everyone should have a pair in their inventory. If you haven’t checked out RAW HOUSE, either, you definitely should. They have some really cute hair and some cute shoes. 😛 This cardigan is also hella precious, I found it in Naith Smith Designs for about $200l . While I’m at it. I should let any and all of you know. DUTCH TOUCH IS HAVING A SKIN SALE. So, if you love them as much as Rox and I… you should go buy yourself one for around $250l. FYI. The skin I have on….was not on sale. sadface. all skins aren’t discounted, but the ones that are, are aweeeeesome.

i ❤ you guys & enjoyyyyy.


hair/ ::RAW HOUSE::// Lola [jet]

skin/ Dutch Touch // JoLiE v2// olive // eagle

nails/ onyx wear// “Half-Flick” nails // Group gift ❤

makeup/ Kyoot// Smokey// Aubergine

lashes/ Detour// Thorn

sweater/ [NSD]// Laine Cardigan// White

shirt/ [ATOMIC]// Sheer Comfort// Pitch Black// Worn

jeans/ [ATOMIC]// Skinny Jeans// Ink

facial piercing/ Cobrahive// Gauged// Black & Silver

bracelet/ ::PURE::// Jesus Icon// Black

ears/ Stupid Things// Ear Plugs// Black

tattoo/  [ks]// True Love

shoes/ Peqe// G Wedge// Zebra




i’ve decided to try something new.

something to pass the time i don’t have, that i seem to find.

this will be done with love, and care. and its just for all of you out there that take as much interest in secondlife fashion as i do.

this is my fun. this is my passion. this is the only thing i do well in this virtual world.

so, enjoy. and if you don’t, move along.