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New Pose!! Cheap


Happy New Year and all that good stuff. I am finally recovered from the worst and longest hangover ever.

But I am back now and made a new pose for all of ya. It’s super sexy and a great pose.  I posted the edited version here just for the people that don’t want to ruin their virgin eyes.

You can find it on the marketplace for 35L, super low temp price!!


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Views+More= Free Poses


Ok guys. So I was thinking that if we can get up to 3k views, I will release some NEW free poses for everyone that reads the blog. I know… exciting right?!! no? well… I’m gutted.
You can check out some of my older poses as well, most of them are dollarbies 😀
Love n junk,

p.s see that number down there?? yeah, that one. Let’s get it to 3k!!!
new views